Page Up Ep #12: Choosing a Topic for Your Book


In this episode Dr. Lauria addresses 3 different stumbling blocks authors run into in picking their topics: Deciding between too many ideas, Coming up with an idea when you are kind of blank, and Knowing what to do when you have an idea but you just aren’t sure if it’s good enough. Using Martha Beck’s 4 stages of change, Dr. Lauria helps you identify where you are on your book journey and how to pick the topic that’s right for you.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • Martha Beck’s cycle of metamorphisis and how to identify where you are in it
  • How to let your topic pick you
  • Easy ways to test your topic
  • When to stick with the discomfort of not know and when to choose to take action even if you aren’t sure.
  • How to defy the laws of the time/space continuum, connect with your book – already written – and find out what you wrote about!

Featured on the Show:


Martha Beck’s Phases of Metamorphosis

Creativity Temple

Seth Godin’s The Dip

Book Journeys Interview with Leah DeCecesare

Episode 4 of ^Page Up^ 

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