Leah DeCesare – Book Journeys Author Interview

In last week’s episode of  Book Journeys, Angela interviewed Doula, Birth, and Parenting Educator Leah DeCesare on her book, Naked Parenting: 7 Keys to Raising Kids with Confidence. Leah has been working with families for fourteen years as a Doula and Birth Educator and her book is targeted for parents with kids of all ages – from the precocious 10-month old to the back-talking teenager. She talks about 7 principles that parents can apply to their own style of parenting and use within their own household rules, values and culture.

Leah-DeCesareWhen Leah started getting consulted on different parenting topics, she began her own parenting blog and from here she progressed into writing the book to consolidate all the information in one compilation. From her notes, she pulled together the main ideas she wanted to talk about and reworked them until she came up with the seven key topics, namely: love, honesty, communication, responsibility, discipline, mistakes and gratitude. These seven topics served as her outline for the book. She then challenged herself to do the actual writing after reading a book entitled, “How to Write a Book in a Weekend.” Taking a three-day weekend away from work and family, she rid herself of all distractions and focused on writing so that by the third day she was able to come up with a short manuscript of about twenty thousand words.

Leah’s original intent was actually to write a novel but when she worked with Angela on her book project, she learned a lot about thedifferent aspects of editing and publishing that she wanted to see if she could do the whole process from A to Z. So she thought that the topic of Naked Parenting was something more tangible that she could do immediately. She had always envisioned herself writing a book even as a young child but it was not until about three or four years ago that she decided to prioritize her writing and make it a regular part of her life, thus coming up with her blog. Now Leah has three other outlines that she plans to be part of a series on Naked Parenting, dealing more in-depth on other parenting issues like social media and technology, money and finance. But as exciting as her book has become, with many people reading it and getting positive reviews and feedback, Leah  feels that she will only feel accomplished as an author when she has written her novel.

Naked-Parenting-187x300For Leah, one of the more effective and fun ways to market her book  was through talks at a library, a church, or a parenting group because not only does the audience buy her book at the end of the talk, but she gets to have really fun discussions with parents, talking about different things and sharing stories. She also did a parenting blog where she reached out to a lot of mommy blogs and formed some good friendships and great relationships as a result of the collaboration.

Leah gives this advice to people who are struggling to have their own book out: make a commitment to do it, find an accountability partner who can help with the process, and make yourself write regularly.

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