Why We’ll Spend $1.2m on Ads Then Say NO to Almost Everyone (Part 2)

Megan Jo Wilson is a true Transformational Author. She came to us in 2017, rattled by the result of a particular election, and made a true commitment in her heart to do her part to bring more hope and healing onto the planet.

She wrote her first and second books with us, and created a Transformational Author business called Rockstar Camp that empowers women and men with the self-confidence they need to make an impact in the world.

Now she gets to do what she loves the most, help lots of people, and has a healthy business that supports her in her work.

Are you ready to become transformational author with a multi-six figure transformational author business? Are you COMPLETELY SURE that you fall into the category of Transformational Author, and want to write your book and build your business for the right reasons? If so, our acquisitions editors are searching for five more people we have been divinely ordained to help write a book.

Click here and submit a high-quality application and you could be publishing your book in the fall.



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