The Eagle in the Snow Storm

Have you heard about these bald eagles and how they kept their baby eggs warm through the crazy March snow storm we had on the East coast in March 2015?

This story reminded me of our team here at The Author Incubator. Even in storms we work together as a team to keep our authors and their books safe. I think about how many authors try to go it alone and don’t end up with a book. Like an egg in a snow storm with no one to keep it warm and protected from the elements and then, what’s worse, is most of the time these authors-in-transformation beat themselves up for not having been able to peck their way out of the shell.

If you have been beating yourself up for not finishing your book I want you to imagine your book as one of these little eggs here that this mama-bird is tending to. Left without this expert mama taking such good care of them, of course these eggs wouldn’t hatch – and would you blame them? Of course not.

Please don’t blame yourself if you have been trying to write your book for a long time and it hasn’t happened.

Your book does not have to be alone in the cold. Give your book the chance at life it deserves.

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