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Two-time bestselling author Tami Stackelhouse is an excellent example of how writing a book can increase your influence, impact, and income from one-to-one coach to helping thousands of people from all over the world with your message of hope and healing.

“Tami was an experienced Fibromyalgia coach when she wrote her first book with me. She published her first book to reach some more people with her message – but the response was way bigger than she anticipated!

Very soon after she published her readers started coming to her asking for help, her practice booked up completely, and she was still receiving more and more enquiries from readers.

With a completely full practice and more enquiries than she could handle Tami needed a way to uplevel herself so she could help thousands more people than she was currently able to. So she used the attention she was getting to establish the International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute and launch a Fibromyalgia Coach Certification Program – which also sold out immediately thanks to her book!

She is now training coaches from 21 countries and her message of hope and healing, and the practices and principles she teaches, are being used all over the world to help thousands of people. And now her second book is taking her training institute to a whole new level! She couldn’t have reached this level of impact with her message had it not been for her books.”



  • Tami's Interview

    How Tami Used Her Book To Go From 1-On-1 Coach To Leader Of A Training Institute

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