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Michael Hrostoski

How writing his book helped Michael understand his message better and grow his business.

“When Michael and I started working together, he’d recently left his corporate job and had just gotten his coaching certification. He’d been coaching for a little less than a year and was on a mission to become the preeminent men’s life coach.

He decided on a whim to write his memoir in just 30 days. He challenged himself to write every day for an hour while traveling all over the country. Some days were easy to wake up and write while others were difficult because he had jam-packed his life with adventures and activities.

Editing and publishing was ten times harder for Michael than writing because of his fears and resistance to actually putting himself out there. He didn’t think he was good enough to write a book, he was afraid of sharing all of these secrets about his life to the world, and he almost backed out of publishing it altogether. I helped him work through his internal blocks and took a stand for all the readers out there he was going to help with his message. I didn’t let him back out.

Since Michael has published his book, there are now thousands of people out there in the world who now know him on a very intimate level. He meets people all the time at conferences and events who already feel like he’s their close friend. The book has helped him establish a trust and rapport with potential clients that makes it easier for him to bring them on board. He also says it’s also just really cool to have a book and to be a published author. It’s something he never would have imagined that he’d be doing in his life and now he’s done it!”



  • How his book helped him understand his message better and grow his business.

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