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Makenna Held

How Makenna used her book to go from a business coach to running a travel and passion based business.

“Before Makenna wrote her book, she was working as a ski instructor and coaching a couple of business clients. She was even considering leaving coaching for good because she knew how to help her clients to make more money but she hadn’t quite figured it out for herself yet.

Writing her book was no easy task but she managed to get it done in just six weeks. All while giving ski lessons, coaching her clients, and putting together investors to buy Julia Child’s summer home, La Pitchoune in the south of France. Oh and did I mention she also came down with pneumonia? She even wrote the majority of her book from her own hospital bed!

By following my process and writing her book she realized she did want to continue coaching, she just had to figure out how to restructure her business in a way that allowed her to really go deep with her clients. So she completely revamped her coaching business and even created a cooking school with retreats that most people can only dream of.

Since her book was published, Makenna has gone from having clients that made more money than her to consistently having five figure months. She has embodied everything in her book and it’s allowed her to step up and become a new, better version of herself.”



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    How Makenna uses her book to go deep with a passion based business

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