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Jenn McRobbie

How Jenn become a recognized expert and sought-after public speaker by writing a book.

“Jenn wrote and published her book with me, and used it to establish herself as the go-to expert in her field.

Her book has given her a platform to get in front of organizations and say, “Look, I have something worth sharing.” Having her book gave her the credibility and lets people know she is serious about her topic. It also give her a way to showcase her voice before even speaking to anyone. That’s invaluable when you’re looking to book big speaking events and people have little time to find out what you stand for.

Since publishing, her book has catapulted her around the country speaking to audiences of hundreds of people. And it has gotten her media coverage in major publications and big-name blogs, such as Prevention Magazine and Elephant Journal as well as some major podcasts and radio shows.”



  • Jenn's Interview

    How Jen used her book to go from empty seats to an audience of thousands.

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