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Darshan Mendoza

How Darshan went from financial disaster and divorce to a published book and $100K in two months.

When Darshan came to us, she was in the middle of a divorce and just had been forced to shut down her spiritual retreat center for MONTHS due to a volcanic eruption!

Her business had gone from making $150,000 to just $20,000 overnight…

But, she wasn’t going to let that hold her back.

She had a dream of building transformational retreats and temples across the world, and she knew that writing her book would give her the ability to make that dream a reality!

That’s when she came across an email from us and immediately felt it was divine intervention.

9 weeks into our program Darshan had finished her manuscript and was able to turn that Divine Intervention into over $100,000 in client revenue!


  • Darshan's Success Story

    Learn how Darshan created her multi-six-figure business.

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