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Danielle M. Miller

How Danielle Uses her Book To Build A Personal Brand And Fill Her Client Roster.

“Danielle had the idea of writing a book for 2-3 years before she came to me. She had a deep desire to get her book out into the world but she kept stopping and starting.

By working with me and my team and following the practices I teach, she found she was not only able to finish her book but she was also able to give herself permission to own her expertise and embrace her strengths. This allowed her the most incredible way to get really clear on her voice and message.

Since publishing with me she has worked with 22 new clients and it’s been a huge boost for her to add “Amazon best selling author” to her credentials, something that she will have forever.

She also gained status as a leader in her field as her media appearances went from once every six months to about once per month. Arianna Huffington was very impressed with the book and recommended to her book editor that it be featured on their books page. She felt before the book that she was a ‘best-kept’ secret. Not any more!”



  • Danielle's Interview

    How To Build Your Personal Brand And Fill Your Client Roster By Writing A Book

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