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Caroline Green, author of the Matter-How To Find Meaningful Work That’s Right For You And Your Family, made $17,000 in coaching client revenue within a month of publishing her first book.

“She did it by writing her book in the way that I teach, and by following the simple book marketing techniques that I trained her to use.

Within a month of publishing her book she had generated $17,000 in client revenue!

This is because her book is a “client creation” book – it’s specifically written and structured to help everyone who reads it – and to deliver to Caroline a steady stream of clients.

Not just any clients – but people who already see her as an authority because she is an author, have bought into her message, decided they’d love to work with her, and are selling her on why they should be her client!”



  • Caroline's Interview

    How Caroline Generated $17,000 In A Month By Publishing A Book

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