My Philosophy

NO. 1

There is no such thing as a good book.

You think there are good books and bad books because of the New York Times bestseller list (a curated opinion piece) or because of the numbers of books sold (which has almost nothing to do with which books end up on the New York Times bestseller list). You think you can write a good book or a bad book because sometimes you got an A from your English teacher and sometimes you didn’t.

You have been sold a lie. 

Not naming names here, but there are lots of terribly written books that have made a huge impact. And sadly, many stunningly beautiful ones that never get into readers hands or hearts. There are books that leads to the outcome the author wanted and books that don’t.

No. 2

What kind of a book do you want to write?

I admire and invest in authors who put their readers first. I call this having a “Servant’s Heart.”
Too many authors-in-transformation focus on what information they want to share. They have found the magical elixir and they want to tell everyone about it, but instead of coaxing the right readers to them, they try forced inoculations instead. Or in the interest of healing others they spew their ideas when no one is listening.

This is not Service. This is Ego.

Wanting people to adopt your ideas is not sufficient. More is required of you. You must meet your reader where she is on the journey. And this is the reason why I can only accept the top 10% of people who apply to my program.

No. 3

Readers First.

First and foremost I am a reader. 

– I am a 250 lb college graduate trying to get a job in theatre.
- I am a single 29 year old desperate to find romance and partnership. 
– I am a newly married 33 year old trying to figure out why I can’t get pregnant.
– I am a new mom of a colicky baby with a c-section hangover that’s looking a lot like depression.
- I am married to a man who calls me names and threatens my safety but everyone who meets him calls him “serene.”
- I am an entrepreneur with too much on her plate trying to hire a #2.

They call me The Author Incubator and not the book incubator for a reason. My real job is to serve your people. Most of them don’t know you exist (yet).

If you want a book as a trophy or a bucket list accomplishment, I think that’s fantastic. Hobbies are great. But reading has never been a hobby for me. It’s been a matter of life and death.

Books have saved my life on more than one occasion. Organizing words and turning beautiful phrases can be quite satisfying so if you want to have the cerebral experience of crafting your thoughts into a book without empowering as many people as possible in the process, have at it. But that’s not a ride I’m interested in joining you for.

No. 4

The Sad Truth Is – Books Don’t Make A Difference.

Most books are never finished. And the majority that do publish sit behind unclicked links on Amazon. This is because most first-time authors don’t have the right help, and don’t understand that writing a book that will actually make a difference is not something you’ll get right on your own first time. To the reader whose life you didn’t change, this is a tragedy. And why? Because you were scared? Disorganized? Filled with self-doubt? F that noise!

The people who need their messages continue to suffer for decades longer than they need to because you are playing small. How is that okay with you?

What is it Marianne Williamson says? “Your playing small does not serve the world.” THAT! That right there is why I am on this planet. I do nothing to serve your people by just getting a book out of you. I have to make sure you’re successful by showing you how to write the right book, in the right way, so it can help you make a difference. And I prepare you with the skills and understanding you need for lasting success as a published author and leader of a movement that touches thousands of lives.

My completion rate is over 99% because I choose the right people to work with. If we decide it’s a fit to work together, I won’t let you make fatal mistakes, and I won’t work with you unless you’re doing this for the right reasons.

The most rewarding and gut-wrenching part of my work is to make sure I only choose the people who prove they have a true servant’s heart, as well as the commitment that it takes to publish AND serve the people they’re on this planet to help.

And by the way, I’m not content to stop with the authors I work with. I think the entire publishing industry needs a gut check.

No. 5

If You Are Giving 90% of Your Revenue Away, You Better Have a Damn Good Reason

My work is also about turning the publishing industry on its head. I teach and do the opposite of most people in publishing. This is because the industry has to change so it serves readers and the authors, not the publishers.

The truth is most publishers operate under an intense scarcity mindset. For every 10 authors they accept only 1 makes them money so most authors are just wasting their time and resources. That’s why they fully exploit the rights of the authors who do sell books and virtually abandon the others while tying up their intellectual property.

I dream of a world where publishers have more control of their resources and their bottom line. Where authors know how to full exploit their rights (no author should be making less than $10,000 a month from their book) and a world where readers have access to books that create permanent change and transformation.

My philosophy is that if you dream it. You can create it. And that’s what I’m doing every day at The Author Incubator.

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