At the Author Incubator, we dream of helping to turn our authors into stars. We have partnered with an exclusive group and invested in their businesses to accelerate their growth and take them from best-kept secret to household name. Our standards for entry were sky-high and we chose from select authors through their participation in our book writing and marketing programs.

  • Strategy Ninja Amy Birks

    Amy has found the secret elixir to entrepreneurial success — Connection. And she’s a MASTER at it. She connects groups of soulful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to transform their businesses and themselves.

  • Retreat Guide Debbie Lazinksy

    Debbie has been called the Queen of live events. She's a bestselling author & Life Coach, who is dedicated to helping other authors and coaches grow their business by including transformative, profitable, risk-free events.

  • Weight Loss Coach & Hypnosis Trainer Erika Flint

    Erika is a board certified hypnotist and accredited certified professional hypnotherapy instructor. She uses hypnosis to help people discover the subconscious reasons for their symptoms, behaviors, or habits and helps to release them and then relearn a new positive way of thinking, subconsciously.


    Majeed is on a mission to help entrepreneurs get their messages heard on free and paid stages and grow their business. He has coached professional athletes, members of parliament, a two-time gold medal winning Olympian, and an executive of Fortune 500 company. He teaches proven strategies to increase profits and have more fun in business.