Announcing my New Podcast: ^PAGE UP^

I see so many first-time authors making critical mistakes that are keeping their message from changing people’s lives and making a real difference on the planet and it breaks my heart, but I can’t help everyone one-on-one.

That’s why, today I am announcing the arrival of my second podcast, ^PAGE UP^! This new, weekly podcast will feature 30-minute deep-dives into some of the most import tools and techniques non-fiction authors need to know in order to make the biggest impact with their book and their message.


You can subscribe to ^PAGE UP^ in iTunes.

If you have been thinking about writing a book that makes a difference but just haven’t felt ready, or if you have a book and you wish it were making a bigger difference, then this podcast is for you.

My mission is to touch 100,000,000 lives through the authors I work with.

What You Can Expect

This new show does not replace my original, interview show, Book Journeys, but instead it will supplement it by offering you the opportunity to hear the exact tools I teach authors who are working with me, as opposed to just listening in to how other authors are doing it.

Unlike my original Book Journeys podcast, this new podcast, ^Page Up^ will only feature specific trainings on issues such as overcoming writer’s block, developing a structure for your book, developing a marketing plan for your book, understanding your reader, advice on what publishing method you should use, how to set boundaries as a writer, legal issues for authors, PR strategies for authors, techniques for get cover designs and titles, and how to write a fantastic author bio.

There will be no interviews. However, I am super-excited to announce that the interviews on Book Journeys will continue and we will begin to exclusively feature Difference Press authors. So listeners can connect the lessons and learnings from ^Page Up^ with the amazing outcomes Difference Press authors following this methodology have achieved.

3 Recordings Are Available Today!

In the last few days I prepared 3 episodes to kick things off. These are some of my most critical tools and tips for authors-in-transformation. There are now 3 episodes available and you can hear them on iTunes, through the RSS feed, or by simply visiting the original blog post and clicking the play button.

Each episode will always be available on The Author Incubator website on its own page. For instance, Episode 1 is located at; Episode 2 is located at ; and Episode 3 is located at

In the coming days I will be submitting my Audio Blog to other platforms, like Stitcher, Soundcloud, DoubleTwist, and others. If you can’t find the show on your preferred platform, just let me know and I’ll dig into it.

Send in Your Feedback and Reviews

I would certainly love to hear your thoughts about this new podcast. You can leave your comments below or contact me directly.

The best place for positive reviews is in iTunes and the best place for constructive feedback is through email.

Is this cheating the system? Yeah, probably.

I created this new podcast to serve those who felt like they were missing something by not having the ability to hire me as their book coach and publisher. Unfortunately I have to turn away more than 80% of the people who reach out to me for help and it is breaking my heart!

With this new podcast, I promise to give listeners my very best tools, exactly what I share with my clients. If you use these tools and they help you, please let me know.

That’s why this podcast exists and that’s why I hope you love it!



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