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There’s an exciting trend in publishing and I want to make sure you are in on it — Kindle Singles. Have you been following this?

Kindle Singles have been out for a couple years as a format but they seem to have hit the tipping point about 2 weeks ago when an interview with Barack Obama took the marketplace by storm. The President visited Amazon and while there, was interviewed by the Kindle Singles editor, David Blum. Singles have now sold over 6,000,000 copies and authors of Kindle Singles are making real money — on average Kindle Singles authors make roughly $22,000, per book!

And these books are short — just 5,000 to 30,000 words (about 20-120 pages).

How cool would it be to make $22,000 for writing 20 or 30 pages?

But there’s a catch. Kindle Singles is very selective about who they publish. They get about 1,000 submissions a month and only a few are selected for publication. So, these need to be very high quality books. I’ve figured out some of the criteria they use to make their decision, but now I’m trying to figure out the exact formula for what gets selected and I really need your help.

I’m looking for 5 people who want to write a short book within the next 90 days.

I will help you write your book and I’ll work with you to get it published — ideally by Kindle Singles. As a publisher, I have a considerable number of resources and information about Kindle Singles which I’d like to leverage in this short window of time and see if I can crack the code so I can help more people write Kindle Singles. If you are interested in getting a small book done and published this year, please reply with a description of your idea or an explanation of why you’d like to work with me.This is a very unique opportunity to get in on a new trend early without having to do all the heavy-lifting yourself — and even if you don’t get picked up by Kindle Singles, we will still publish your ebook on Kindle and iBook so you can sell your work and help people with your message.

BTW — if I select you for this Kindle Singles pilot program, I’m almost going to give you a complimentary membership in my new Coaches Book Circle mastermind group for authors-in-transformation. If you are thinking about writing a book, check out that program by clicking here:

I hope you are as excited about Kindle Singles as I am. We have reached the tipping point and there is a chance to make real money and a real impact with a very short book! I can’t wait to work with you on yours!

Let’s do this!!

P.S. Are you a Fact Finder? Want to know more about Kindle Singles? Check out this piece from Paid Content: and this one from The New York Times:

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