My Pins. My Pins. My lovely lady Pins.

I’ll admit it, Pinterest had be baffled for some time. I liked looking at all the pictures but Word Girl over here (aka, me!) could not figure out a way it could relate to the way I help people bring their books to life.

But that’s why we surround ourselves with people who have different talents, right? When my COO, Ann came up with this botanically-inspired imagery to support some of my favorite tips for authors, Tip Chips were born! I immediately saw the power of gorgeous images connected to a few simple words of hope, encouragement and guidance. When it comes to writing books, I could give advice all day long, and when it comes to creating gorgeous imagery, Ann is the best. So together we have created this series of Free Your Inner Author Tip Chips! Some of my best advice in little chip-ified nuggets of beautiful goodness.

Please re-pin and share our Tip Chips so we can help more authors-in-transformation birth the books they were born to write!

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