Free masterclass for coaches, healers, consultants, and transformational entrepreneurs

Write a book that makes a difference in people's lives

.... and creates six-figures in revenue so you can start or grow a business that fulfills your life's purpose

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Presented by Dr. Angela Lauria, founder of The Author Incubator

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How your book needs to be written so it creates a business or movement around your message.  
  • What goes into a book that makes a difference in people's lives.  
  • How to make money from your book.  
  • The most common reasons why most new authors never finish or publish, and how to overcome them.  
  • Ask questions and get answers from our team.

 aaaYour information is kept 100% secure and is never shared.

So far over 776 authors have worked with The Author Incubator to write over 1,000 books. These books have touched millions of lives, generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and made an incalculably positive impact in the world.

Our Author's Testimonials

Transformational entrepreneurs, life coaches, healing professionals, and movement leaders work with our expert faculty to write books that will get into the hands and hearts of the people they are on this planet to help. 

Sophia Remolde  

Pilgrimage Leader

I worked with Dr. Angela to write and publish my transformational book. The weekend I published I made $81,000, and now my book helps me create a multi-six figure business doing what I love!

Tamara Arnold

Business Energy Coach  

I went from working at a gym in 2016 to a best-selling author and having a $500k coaching business in 18 months after working with Dr. Angela!

Amari Ice  

Relationship Coach  

I wrote and published in 4 months, and used my book to start a business. I left my corporate job and now I’m making twice as much money and a much bigger impact thanks to the help of Dr. Angela!

Majeed Mogharreban  

Professional Speaker  

Dr. Angela helped me go from broke with a book idea to #1 best-selling author with $500,000 in revenue in four months.

Your information is kept 100% secure and is never shared.

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