Dragons & Turtles

I’m back from Vietnam with a full coaching load and the next Free Your Inner Author class just around the corner. I’m jet lagged and overwhelmed but clinging to a lesson I learned while I was in Vietnam to help get me through.

One of the cultural differences that struck me was the ability the Vietnamese people have to live with uncertainty.

Many of my clients want to quickly lock down their book title and their outline. They want to rush to the finish line as quickly as possible. Like dragons, they rush and breathe fire and fight to achieve.

In Vietnam, they sit with uncertainty and watch the conclusion present itself. In fact, in Vietnam the totem animal is the dragon, but there is one animal that is more powerful than the dragon — the turtle. In this land of brave warriors, it’s the patient turtle that is the most revered.

So no matter how badly you want to rush your way through your goals, the dragon’s way will only lead to short victories. Being comfortable with uncertainty and accepting the turtle’s gifts is the key to bringing more peace and passion to your writing. 

Turtle Power!

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