Page Up Ep #8: Ideal Reader vs. Target Market


Most writing workshops and books will teach you to identify the target market for your book. You know women 35-45 with 1-3 school age kids, that sort of thing. But there is a problem with this approach. It’s based on the old school marketing theory of market share in a limited shelf space world. In the current non-fiction literary landscape writing for a target market instead of an ideal reader can spell death for your book.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • The critical difference between an ideal reader and a target market
  • Why you THINK you can mush these two up — and why you can’t
  • How to get into character as your reader and imagine the book from their perspective
  • Why writing for a target market will KILL your book
  • Tim Ferriss writing rule (2 glassesof wine to a friend into rilke relationship)

Featured on the Show:

Tim Ferris interview with Steve Harrison & Jack Canfield

Letter’s to a Young Poet – Best Translation

Letter’s to a Young Poet – Free



Full Episode Transcript:

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