Page Up Ep #16: Advice for Writing Author Bios that Rock


A well-crafted bio is essential for every author and expert and there is a simple formula to follow to make sure your bio has all the right elements. But don’t skip out on the mindset work required to FEEL as awesome about your bio as it reads.

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In this episode you will learn:


    • The big grammatical mistake many people make when writing their bio
    • How to write a bio that really connects with your readers and gets them curious about hiring you
    • The essential elements that need to go into any bio
    • What to LEAVE out of your bio so you don’t alienate your readers talk them out of connecting with you
    • A secret extra Law of Attraction hack you can use with your bio to boost your career and sales.

Featured on the Show:

My bio – Short and Long versions/ 3rd person – Angela Bio June 2015-3


Full Episode Transcript:

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