The Author Incubator is a powerful place for coaches, experts, and healers who feel called to write a book that really makes a difference in peoples’ lives. Most people procrastinate or are unsuccessful because there are overpowered by fear, they don’t know the essential techniques to successfully write a book, or they don’t know the techniques essential to creating a platform that will draw to them the people they need to help and the opportunities they want to create.

We’ve spent decades developing techniques to teach even the most inexperienced writers how to share their story in a way that both creates a powerful difference in many people’s lives and grows their businesses so they can make a difference in the world. Our success is proven – since 2010 we have created over 150 bestselling books and helped their authors make their biggest ever impact in the world, launching or multiplying their practices and generating millions while helping tens of thousands heal themselves and improve their lives.

You’ve seen other people make a difference with a book. Now it’s your turn. If you are ready to stop watching and start taking massive action. Reach out.

“Yes, I’m ready!”


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The Difference – How To Write A Book That Matters

My bestselling book for authors is an essential guide to the Difference Process, a process we’ve used to create hundreds of bestsellers. If you have struggled to get your book done, this book will show you why it’s been so hard. If you want to make sure your efforts in writing a book pay off, this book will show you how to do it.

^Page UP^ Podcast

^Page UP^ is the quintessential how-to podcast for authors who want to write a book that makes a difference.

Book Journeys Radio

Book Journeys is an interview show with authors who are making a difference, inspiring you to do the same.

Topics include overcoming writer’s block, developing a structure for your book, developing a marketing plan for your book, understanding your reader, advice on what publishing method you should use, how to set boundaries as a writer, legal issues for authors, and just about anything else on the road from “I have an idea for a book” to a completed best-seller.

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Weekly interviews with non-fiction authors about writing and publishing their first books. Topics include overcoming writer’s block, selecting the right topic for your book, finding great book editors and cover designers, how to know if self-publishing is right for you, and other advice on how to write, publish, and promote a non-fiction book that makes a difference in peoples’ lives.

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